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Subete offers a complete range of inland transportation services including full and partial truckload transportation, heavy haul and over-dimensional trucking, out-of-gauge rail shipping, barging and expedited services. Subete has an in-depth understanding of market conditions such as fuel costs, truck availability and lane saturation. The corporate heavy haul team is comprised of experienced transportation professionals dedicated to providing customised solutions. Subete’s offices provide 24-hour service, seven days a week.

Subete Road

  • Maximum traceability (GPS and new fleet management software make it easy to
    always locate and track goods. In addition to real-time information, this makes it
    possible to anticipate problems such as road closures or the arrival of storms)
  • Door-to-door service( The trailer loads the goods at the same dock of the company
    that carries out the shipment and unloads them with maximum guarantees at the
    destination warehouse. IT is a direct service that does not require other means, ideal
    for the transport of perishable goods)
  • Easy paperwork (Compared to sea or air transport, the paperwork involved in roadtransport is much simpler. The time spent at customs or on delivery of the goods ismuch shorter, streamlining the business supply chain)