We are Subete!

Subete Shipping Company is a global business engaged in the shipping and logistics sector. Present in SADC , Subete facilitates international ,cross-boarder countires within SADC region and among emerging markets across all continents.

Subete delivers goods and services to local communities, customers and international business partners. With access to an integrated global network of road, rail and sea transport resources, the company prides itself on delivering global service with local knowledge. Like a one stop shop, Subete offers expertise in the provision of air charters, inland transportation, over-dimensional trucking, vessel chartering, brokerage, rail freight shipments and many more services to remote locations all over the world.

Subete has extensive experience in the management of warehousing, distribution, and export packing services that form a central operation in Subete’s global logistics network. Subete has a proven capability in materials management including the outsourcing and operation of consolidation warehouses.

Who Are We?

” We Are The Stream That Keeps
The Flow Of Goods Through
Trade, To The Global World”.

In a continuously moving world with a growing population, the need for smarter trade is more important than ever before. Subete creates a digital service of freight forwarding based & logistics to solve challenges in the supply chain that create inefficiency and slow down trade. Subete provides solutions that support shippers with tracking to ports around the world. It also helps nations manage their operations or regulatory logistics needs. If there product you need to move, we’re ready to hear from you. As we work together to keep the flow forever.